About me

I am a hobbyist painter and part-time freelancer with a heart for fantasy themes. I focus on illustration, environmental and character design, concept art, animals and fantastic creatures, mythology, medieval themes and alternate universes. I am interested in working on both private and commercial projects.
My main inspirations regarding the tools of the trade are Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, Todd Lockwood, John Howe and a great deal more wonderful artists out there. However, movies and videogames as well as music play a substantial role, too.


I started offering commissions in late 2012 and have worked on several projects since. Mostly these have been private commissions, illustrations and tattoo designs. After also working on book illustrations and an animation project, I would like to expand on commercial work whenever I have got the time and opportunity.
While painting digitally I work with Adobe Photoshop & Corel Painter. Traditionally, I paint using oils or busy myself with pencil drawings. Everything is entirely self-taught ever since I picked up my first paintbrush - which was rather early, I believe.